About Rota

We are ROTA SA, the largest exhibition organization company in Greece. We organize trade shows, exhibitions open to the public, conferences and events, catering to the specific needs of numerous market sectors, with an array of products ranging from home furnishing items to construction purpose aluminum systems.

We manage the largest exhibition centre in Athens, METROPOLITAN EXPO, the ultra-modern exhibitions grounds of which confidently host prestigious international exhibitions and a variety of highly demanding events.

We know that organizing a successful exhibition commands particularly complex procedures and careful planning, as they in turn demand specialized knowledge and ability in multiple activity fields. In parallel to cooperation, project management and the coordination of large groups of people, above activity fields commonly include advanced skills in communication, marketing, planning strategy, product development and advertising. Managing these requirements falls under the responsible supervision of highly trained ROTA personnel, who materialize the company’s strategy and planning.

Each service we deliver is infused with our passion for exhibitions and our meticulous attention to detail.

It appears we have been meeting our defined goals to a large extent, as ROTA has exhibited considerable growth for a consistent number of years, without deviating from the principles of professionalism and trust which, in essence, made its growth possible.

Our History…

ROTA was established in 1984 with the aim of organizing better trade exhibitions to what was commonly available at the time; better in the sense that they could be complete through catering to the specific needs of exhibitors in respective market sectors. This initial goal was later complemented with the aim of providing higher quality in conference organizing and advertising services.

Having organized hundreds of exhibitions and events since then, the company has managed to accumulate a broad knowledge base and more so acquire significant expertise, presently quite unique for Greek standards.

ROTA history landmarks as of yet are:


  • ROTA LTD is established.
  • The 1st “GIFT SHOW – DOREKTHESI” trade fair is organized in Athens.


  • The 1st “PAROUSIES” trade fair is organized in Athens.


  • The 1st “MOSTRA ROTA” trade fair is organized, as well as the 1st “Technima” trade fair.
  • The 1st issue of the business title ROTA SPOT is published.


  • The 1st issue of the business title ROTA OIKIA is published.


  • The 1st “Atletica” trade fair is organized in Athens.


  • The 1st “E-COMMERCE SHOW” trade fair is organized.


  • “ATHENS INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW” is organised by Expo One SA


  • ROTA SA assumes operations of the new exhibition centre EXPO ATHENS


  • The 9th “HELLENIC ALUMINIUM” trade fair is organized on behalf of the Aluminium Association of Greece.
  • The 17th “Dental” trade fair is organized on behalf of the Panhellenic Association Of Greek Dental Dealers.


  • ROTA SA acquires Fashion News SA show organiser with Femmina pret a porter, NEW LIFE, Hellenic Shoe Fair, INA & ILI expos at its portfolio.
  • ROTA SA acquires T-Expo SA that organises Domotec, Electrotec, Ecotec, Fetec, Metec, Logistics Warehouse-Transport


  • ROTA SA takes part of the holding company which has management of the new exhibition centre METROPOLITAN EXPO, the largest exhibition and convention centre in Greece
  • ROTA SA acquires T-Expo SA that organises Medwood Expo and publishes “Epipleon” trade magazine.


  • The 1st “Souvenir Expo Cyprus” trade fair.
  • The first international exhibition “Fur Excellence in Athens” is held, co-organized with the Hellenic Association of Furriers (HAF).
  • The 1st “Suvexpo – Souvenir Expo Turkey” trade fair is held.


  • The Child & The Toy, toys exhibition is organized
  • The 1st “Mini Market & Kiosk” trade fair is held.


  • Global Oil&Gas Black Sea and Mediterranean , the international exhibition and conference for the oil and gas industry, is organised in co-operation with ITE Group Plc.
  • The first issue of Market Today trade magazine is published.


  • Woodtech Forum & Woodtech Damietta , are organised.
  • The first issue of Woodmag Egypt trade magazine is published.


  • The 1st “Metal Machinery” Expo is held.

Proud member of:


ROTA SA is a member of UFI (Union des Foires Internationales), the premier World Exhibition Market Association. International exhibitions bearing the “UFI” logo provide exhibitors and visitors with reassurance of high quality provided services, and confidence in the benefits to be gained by taking part in a well organized commercial activity of international stature.


The Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) was formed and has been dedicated to meeting the needs of the for-profit show organizer through networking, the exchange of ideas and experiences, and the ability to learn from each other in a non-competitive and candid environment.


ROTA SA is a member of SEV – Hellenic Federation of Enterprises. SEV plays a leading role in the country’s transformation into a productive, outward-looking and competitive economy. It is the independent voice of businesses, representing a broad spectrum of the country’s economic activity, including manufacturing and services.


SETE – Greek Tourism Confederation, aims at constantly boosting competitiveness and demonstrating the key role of tourism in the Greek economy. SETE represents national sectoral associations of tourism businesses as well as individual businesses involved in the tourism economy in general covering the entire range of tourism activities.

SETE envisions a balanced growth of the tourism sector, aimed at improving performance and increasing the number of arrivals and overnight stays, while improving the distribution of tourism supply throughout the country, and improving the distribution of demand over time. The above objectives are pursued within the framework of environmental protection, and with the utmost respect for and promotion of Greek culture.

ISO 9001:2015

In 2003 ROTA SA received ISO 9001:2015 Certification of Standards, awarded by TÜV AUSTRIA Organization of Standardization. This certification is awarded for placing and implementing a Quality Control System in the field of Exhibition Organizing.

In theory, this acknowledges that company strategy and practices are driven by a customer-centric philosophy, an effective management of auxiliary business procedures and constant improvement. In practice, it provides proof that the quality of services provided by ROTA SA to the exhibition market sector for so long will remain high.

Subsidiary Companies

Fashion News

FASHION NEWS A.E. is one of the biggest organisers in Greece with many years of experience in its field and in particular for the fashion industry, since 1991.

For more information visit www.fashionnews.gr/en


The technical exhibitions are under the umbrella of Texpo SA. A leader exhibition organiser in its field.

For more information visit: www.t-expo.gr.

Medexpo S.A.

Medexpo S.A. was established in Athens, Greece in 2002. Today it is one of the most dynamic companies in Greece organizing trade exhibitions in the sector of material, wood and new technologies.

For more information visit: www.medexpo.gr

Expo One

The Organising Company of the Athens Boat Show.

For more information visit: www.expoone.gr

Subsidiary Companies Abroad

Rota Exhibitions Turkey

Based in Istanbul
​More informations: www.rotaexhibitions.com.tr

Souvenir Expo Turkiye

Souvenir Expo Turkiye Touristic Gifts and Souvenirs Exhibition organized by Rota Exhibitions Turkey Fairs Inc. will be at Istanbul Expo Center between 5-7 December 2024.


  • Rota Exhibitions Turkey Fuarcılık A.Ş.

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  • Göktürk Merkez Mh. 1. Begonya Sk. Arcadium Life 3 No: 2 / 102 Eyüpsultan İstanbul / TÜRKİYE